Various companions of the Fourth Doctor wrapped in his scarf.

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The DE Jacket is back to ruin my life again

Things in Doctor who that made me laugh
(more than usual) [9/?]
→ “He does nothing else but interfere”

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Friendly reminder that, while Peri Brown as a character had some annoying or problematic aspects, she was more than just her physical attributes and ability to scream.

Friendly reminder that Nicola Bryant was determined to do a good job as the character, and she wrote an essay of ~200 pages detailing her thoughts on Peri’s background and what she thought the character might be like…only for the powers that be at the show to never bother to read what she had written.

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This was one of those moments when I was so, so glad Sylvester was the new Doctor. The gif loses most of the impact unfortunately, because it was one of those amazing scenes when he was just using the power of his voice and his convictions to sell it. AND YOU BELIEVE IT. He did this in several episodes, and between that and the puns, I was utterly delighted — Jon Pertwee was my childhood favorite, but now we had a Doctor who battled using words, the raw power of language and oratory and charisma, to beat armed enemies pointing a weapon at him. Pretty danged awesome.

McCoy and his portrayal of Seven is absolutely amazing. Even though Hartnell / One is my absolute favourite I just love the balance between lightness and darkness McCoy captures so perfectly.

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"This Doctor loves watching stars being born in Andromeda; he’s also thrilled to see litter blowing across the supermarket car park at dawn."


withnail and i (1987), bruce robinson

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Simm!Master, #12 (suggested by iamsonothere)